The Conversation.

NOW, the sisters are registering Women of Color on Broadway as a 501(c) non-profit organization, in hopes of developing an educational program called The Conversation.


The Conversation can be broken down into the following segments known as L.I.W.I.C (pronounced Liquid).


• L

for Library: We're designing digital database for users to research women in musical theater history. 

•  I

for Interviews. We will visit 4 schools every year to host an interview with a prominent Broadway actress of color, followed immediately by a tribute cabaret featuring students from the school.  

• W

for Writer’s Workshop. Broadway’s best female writers will be invited by Women of Color on Broadway, to host our “Writer’s  Workshop.”  Here, female writers of color will have the opportunity to share their works with the writer and her peers to receive positive critic on her work.

• I

for Internships. We are partnering with theater houses and production companies in NYC to develop an internship program for high school/ college female students of color ages 16-25.  Our ideal recipients will have the opportunity to be a part of a Broadway musical!

• C

for Career Center. Our career center is a small division for students who recently graduated to college to be assisted in job searching in their desired fields. We will use our resources and expertise to edit their resumes as well as utilize our network to land job interviews and auditions.

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